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  • Sunday - September 11th

Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers each wear a small gold necklace made by Hester: one that says Wet, and one that says Leg. Before last summer, those necklaces would have been cryptic to almost everyone else. However, a lot has changed since then. Wet Leg only released their debut single, Chaise Longue, in June 2021, but its dry wit, Mean Girls nod and thumping indie-disco beat turned it into a runaway hit. They have already performed on Jools Holland and Seth Meyers, supported a slew of great acts from CHVRCHES to Idles, sold out their entire 2022 tour with only two songs out in the world (Wet Dream followed in September, another absolute corker) and now, with new single Too Late Now, an album on the horizon and having been ranked #2 in the BBC Sound of 2022 list, this year looks set to take them even further. Here are the pop stars you’ve been waiting years to discover.

“It all seems so long ago now,” says Rhian, still a little stunned by the rapid pace of it all.” It has only been six months. “There have been so many firsts for us since then,” says Hester.

The next first will be their debut album Wet Leg, an instant classic that peels back the layers of the band to reveal the smart, dark heart at the centre of it. There’s dancing, guitars, humour, sex, disenchantment, parties, break-ups, a woozy ode to being kicked out of a shop for being ‘totally pickled’ (Supermarket) and a spectacular insult lobbed in the direction of an ex-boyfriend: “When I think about what you’ve become, I feel sorry for your mum.” (Ur Mum).

Wet Leg was mostly recorded in London, in April 2021, meaning they had a finished album before the world had even heard Chaise Longue. “I guess how it happened was unconventional,” says Hester. Rhian speculates: “Not many new bands get the opportunity to cocoon themselves in the studio without the noise and opinions of the outside world.” “It felt like a weird social experiment” jokes Hester.

The duo teamed up with Dan Carey (Squid, Fontaines DC) to produce the bulk of it. “It was such a beautiful, homely studio, with no glass separating us. We didn’t have much studio recording experience, but we immediately felt at ease at Dan’s. It just felt right. We made friends with his fluffy white little dog, affectionately named Feta. If we ever got into a rut with anything, we’d just take five and go hang out with Feta — she was a light to us in dark places, when all other lights had gone out.”

They chose from a pool of demos that they made at home on GarageBand, “They were super scrappy,” says Rhian, “but they were good enough to get our ideas across and already they had a sense of identity to them.”

The music isn’t the only window into the world of Wet Leg. The woozy logo and the paintings on each single’s artwork were all designed by Hester herself, and the accompanying videos for Chaise Longue, Wet Dream and Oh No were also directed by the pair. Wet Leg’s identity is ever-evolving but distinct; “Like, surrealist prairie, but with lobster claws. It’s very dreamy but maybe a little bit sinister at points,” says Hester.

But for the album cover art, they’ve kept it simple. “It’s a photo of me and Hester, just after we’d come off stage. I’ve got my arm around her waist, and she’s got her arm over my shoulder, and we’re ever so slightly hunched over…” says Rhian, before Hester finishes her sentence: “Like we’re telling each other a secret… or quietly plotting world domination,” she jokes. The image is a perfect visual representation of their friendship and all things Wet Leg.


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